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Professional Interim Manager and Freelance Contractor
Head Of Technical
Food Careers Ltd
Sectors: FMCG / Food & Drink Manufacturing
Location: South East England
Rate: £68,000 to £71,000 per day

Interim Engineering Manager
Food Careers Ltd
Sectors: FMCG / Food & Drink Manufacturing
Location: North England
Rate: £350 per day

Interim Project Manager
Sectors: Finance / Financial Services
Location: London & M25
Rate: £400 per day

Interim Housebuilding Specialists
Edbury Daley Limited
Sectors: Construction / Property / PFI / PPP
Location: All of United Kingdom
Rate: Salary negotiable

Latest News - Interims Can Avoid Gaps By Nurturing Their Client Base

Tuesday Mar 9

Repeat business can lead to constant work for Freelancers and Interims

Freelancers can avoid gaps by nurturing their client base

Rahul Nag, a freelance business consultant recently wrote an article which featured in the PCG’s monthly Freelancing Matters publication. He offered advice on avoiding gaps between projects by simply looking after and nurturing your existing client base.

In Rahul’s seven years experience freelancing, he has a handful of clients which give him regular work and with whom he has built a close relationship. In his article, he encourages other freelancers, contractor and consultants to do the same and build up close relationships with the clients they already are working on projects for.

Rahul highlights that most freelancers, once they work it out, will realise that most of their freelancing revenue came from a small number of companies. This is the classic 80/20 rule where 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your clients. By filtering clients this way, you are able to focus on nurturing relationships with clients that will respond by giving you projects frequently. In other words, the clients that are generating the most amount of freelancing revenue.

Once you have identified who your clients are then it is time to develop a strategy to keep them. Some top tips from Rahul include;

•Do a brilliant job – deliver exceptional skills but also don’t be afraid to develop your skills.
•Add extra value to your clients – understand key individuals within each client and communicate with them.
•Think long term – be prepared to help your clients with their individual circumstances.
•Contact your existing clients regularly – don’t lose communication with them. Contact them every month or quarterly.
•Network within the organisation – build relationships with people in the organisations.

Source: www.ics.me.uk - 8 March 2010

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