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Market Intelligence & Insights

12 Nov
Advice for clients on how they can, firstly, recognise the "added value" interim managers bring and how they can utilise this often hidden value to assist their organisation.
19 Sep
Tips and advice for organisations looking to appoint an interim manager. Considerations that will ensure the process and outcomes run smoothly. Establish if you really do need an interim manager and that the skills and knowledge you require doesn’t already exist within your organisation. Interim man
12 Sep
We asked our Network of Interim Managers how they found their last assignment. Here is what they told us.

Interim Advice & Articles

18 Sep
Tips for interim managers. Understand what your service offering is and play to your strengths. Don’t oversell your skills and experience as you will be found out which will damage your reputation. You need to be 100% certain that you can provide a service that delivers the objectives. Ensure you ar
10 Sep
Interim Manager rights if a client cancels your contract
09 Sep
As an interim manager, setting your day rate is an important consideration. Set it too high and you will struggle to land assignments; Set it too low and you could be earning significantly less than your worth.