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07 Dec
As we head towards the end of the year, many employees will turn their thoughts to their career goals and aspirations and a high number of employees in permanent roles will be thinking about working for themselves, or as interim managers.
07 Dec
The world of interim management has long been characterised by 50-something executives whose vast experience is what makes them so employable. They are the business elders who trade on long service rather than youthful looks. However, a new breed of interim is invading their territory. These high-fl
07 Dec
Some interesting research by the HSJ (For Healthcare Leaders) published in October 2018 reveals that despite attempts to curb interim pay within the NHS, it appears fresh examples of excessive pay may still be evident.

Interim Advice & Articles

07 Dec
Interim Managers are unique individuals on the employment landscape as often they may find themselves seeking work (assignments) 3 or 4 times a year. As such, they need to become ‘job search’ experts in order to maximise earning potential and minimise the frustration of ‘gap weeks’ between assignmen
07 Dec
For the professional interim manager, one of the biggest frustrations is the gaps that are endured between assignments. Many interim managers can attest to the feeling of frustration when you finish a challenging assignment, go away on holiday, come back all revved up and ready to go again, but find
07 Dec
I am not an expert in Marketing, but I have picked up enough along the way to put the basics into practice. My view is that whether we are bum on seat contractors or not we still need to take marketing seriously for the reason’s that will become apparent below. Marketing is not difficult to get to g