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4 Tips for Improving your Personal Brand

1.) Define Your Voice, Define your Opinions

Personal branding is about defining who you are. Your voice, your opinions and insights, can be a deal breaker in cutting through the noise and saying I’m the one that can do this. As such, you should formulate your own opinions and speak with authority on them. Ask yourself what do you believe is the current state of play for your industry? What should decision makers do next? What works in your industry and what does not? Come up with answers and reasons for those answers; come up with examples to back up your beliefs.

If you think about politicians the ones with their own beliefs and opinions tend to get listened to, the one that spew out the same old same old are the ones that are quickly forgotten.

Define your voice through meaningful opinions and you will see opportunities.

2.) Define your Style

How you dress is becoming more noticeable in the business world. It has been noted that Steve Jobs always wore black turtlenecks, and that Zuckerberg has become famous for wearing a hoodie. Perhaps a little more noticeable is that some executives were criticised for how they dress. Think of Gates in the early days of Microsoft’s success.

With this in mind think about the audience you are trying to attract and dress appropriately.

3.) Sharpen your Habits and Mannerisms

Much of your consistency will come with forming positive habits. For example, you’re always punctual, well presented, you are ready to work. These things will contribute positively to your brand and in turn your success. Similarly, building positive habits will ensure you give people your full attention and listen to what they say. It goes without saying a lack of eye contact and checking your phone every five minutes are habits and mannerisms that need to change.

4.) Keep your Promises

If you promise to do something or to provide something always ensure you do, keeping the deadline stated. Always be honest and never promise what you cannot deliver.

Friday Dec 7, 2018