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Can I recruit an Interim manager myself?

Unless you have previous experience of recruiting interims, it’s difficult to benchmark them accurately and assess their merits. Without the experience of having been around Interims, it’s difficult to recognise the almost intangible qualities they have or identify the indelible characteristics that make some interims stand out from the crowd. Experienced interim recruiters can cut to the chase and identify what good looks like in an interim manager, save Clients time and ensuring the most suitable Interim is appointed.

As interim management becomes increasingly popular, many individuals are attracted to its allure, but working as a professional interim manager is a calling and vocational statement. A true interim manager will not only successfully deliver an assignment, but will guide staff, mentor those they engage with, impart knowledge and leave a legacy over and above the original brief.

However, identifying professional interim managers can be difficult, as mid-to-senior level professionals all have impressive looking CV’s, and many have impeccable looking Profiles on LinkedIn, which to the untrained eye, may immediately indicate their suitability for an assignment. Clients need to be careful when selecting interim managers and avoid those individuals looking to merely ’fill a gap’ between corporate roles.  

As a provider of Interim managers, we can assist Clients make the right choices in who they appoint as interim manager. Our network is vetted, and we know the interim managers we work with personally. Making a hiring error can be an expensive mistake, so although a Client may be able to find an interim manager via LinkedIn or through a job board, they may not have followed a comprehensive methodology to ensure they appoint the 'right' person not just 'a' person.

The knowledge amassed over the years can assist Clients in making the right appointment when recruiting an Interim manager. Delving deep into each interim manager within our network ensures the individuals we introduce to Clients can not only do the job 'on paper' but can do the job 'in reality' and will successfully deliver.