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Digital & Technology

Consumer focused businesses need to be at the forefront when it comes to technological and digital change. There has been a major shift in how consumers buy and consume products and consumer needs are every changing. Consumer focused businesses are investing heavily in their IT and Technical Infrastructure and interim managers can be utilised for a range of assignment including: delivery of projects and programmes, optimise or replace a legacy IT system, strengthen cybersecurity and mitigate risk, improve management and interpretation of big data, and deliver projects relating to Cloud, ERP, SAP, IoT, SaaS, Blockchain, Hardware, Software, Data Protection, ECommerce.

With technological factors often cited as a key frustration for business leaders, interim managers can be brought in for a period of time to ensure a technology project gets over the line or offer guidance in the procurement and implementation of IT systems and processes. With technology often impacting on the customer experience, particularly the online experience, many business leaders are seeking to improve their technology and supply chain systems to give the customer an exceptional digital or retail experience. Interim managers can play an important role in helping businesses implement technological advances and drive business success.

Within IT & Digital, we assist businesses to recruit interim managers into a variety of roles including:

  • Interim Chief Technology Officer
  • Interim IT Director
  • Interim Chief Information Officer
  • Interim Chief Technology Officer
  • Interim Director of Technology
  • Interim IT Director
  • Interim Transformation Officer
  • Interim Digital Officer
  • Interim Digital Analyst
  • Interim Chief Implementation Officer
  • Interim IT Programme Director
  • Interim IT Manager
  • Interim Data Officer
  • Interim Security Director
  • Interim Infrastructure Director
  • Interim Product & Technology Officer


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