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Finance, Risk, Compliance

Volatile markets, disruptive technologies, compliance issues and complex regulations are all factors that increase the demands on executives operating within Finance, Risk and Compliance. Businesses serving Consumer markets are also challenged by political, economic, socio-cultural and environmental complexities. These fast-moving businesses need accurate up-to-the-minute information and insightful analysis, to make key financial decisions. Finance, Risk and Compliance plays a major part in the evaluation, disclosure, reporting and management of information and activities that shapes businesses strategy.

Our interim managers assist Consumer-focused businesses with core responsibilities such as financial reporting, financial planning, capital budgeting, capital allocation, capital structure, and increasingly, assist where a stronger strategic dimension is required.

They undertake and deliver a variety of assignments that provides successful outcomes such as: improved financial procedures and controls, independent audit and analysis of business-critical financial information, detailed financial analysis and recommendations made at board level, identification of financial business risks with robust solutions proposed and implemented, re-financing solutions implemented, advising on capital budgeting and long-term venture analysis, advising on M&A and divestiture activities, implementation of improved working capital arrangements, implementation of financial systems and procedures, cover for a senior colleague in their absence to ensure continuity.

Within Finance, Risk and Compliance we assist Consumer focused businesses to recruit for a range of roles, including:

  • Interim Project Accountant
  • Interim Finance Director
  • Interim Cognos Finance Analyst
  • Interim Head of Financial Management
  • Interim Financial Integration Manager
  • Interim Costing Analyst
  • Interim Pricing Analyst
  • Interim Financial Controller
  • Interim Chief Finance Officer
  • Interim Financial Analyst
  • Interim Financial Controller
  • Interim Management Accountant
  • Interim Financial Reporting Manager
  • Interim Head of Shared Services
  • Interim Head of Finance Transformation
  • Interim Year-end Financial Controller
  • Interim Corporate & Financial Communications Manager
  • Interim Corporate Controller
  • Interim M&A Consultant
  • Interim Project Accountant
  • Interim Corporate Controller
  • Interim Head of Financial Risk
  • Interim Head of Governance
  • Interim Business Analyst
  • Interim Contracts Specialist
  • Interim Risk Manager
  • Interim Audit Manager
  • International Business Controller
  • Interim Head of Compliance
  • Interim Chief Risk Officer
  • Interim Strategy Manager
  • Interim Head of Internal Audit
  • Interim Strategy Analyst
  • Interim Corporate Governance Director
  • Interim Strategy Consultant
  • Interim Strategy Director


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