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Managing a Portfolio of Clients

If you decide to go down the Portfolio route in your interim career, you will need to effectively manage the needs of different clients simultaneously. However, whilst portfolio working can mean more billing days, greater experience and an expanding portfolio, if you can’t manage your time effectively and juggle your commitments – then both you and your clients will suffer. If you fail to keep on top of everything, milestones will be missed and clients may become ex-clients.

To assist in managing your workload effectively, get a calendar – an electronic and physical one. Google Calendar can be great for this, as it syncs across all devices, meaning it’s always accessible. It’s also worth keeping a physical diary on hand for when you can’t get online. Use colour-coding to block out time for different clients. 

Apply a logical system to how you structure your working week. It’s not always possible to just work on the assignment that has the nearest delivery date. You need to consider how long and how much effort each individual assignment will take and balance that against each deadline. Balance is key in ensuring you’re getting everything done on time.

Sometimes an assignment will throw up more problems than you expect. Plan a month or two ahead and adapt a flexible weekly plan to ensure you don’t start to fall behind milestones and can meet your client’s expectations.

You could get your hands on a good project management app (Freedcamp, Solo and Azendoo) or even just a 'to-do-list'. Even a piece of paper next to your desk that lists tasks to-be-completed will come in handy. Lists have long been used as a way for people to make sense of their working world. New apps come online all of the time to help you harness the power of the list but if you prefer pen and paper to an app, you will be in good company as John D Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin were all voracious 'list writers'.

One experienced interim manager informed me that he uses a good old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet to manage his actions, with each action having a target completion date, a priority rating, and cell shading colour using the traffic light system to show either 'not started', or 'in progress', or 'complete'. If he wants to enhance it a bit, he uses the 'Conditional Formatting' function to flag up in red when an action gets urgent according to a date criterion.

Friday Dec 7, 2018