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Operational, General Management

Operational Leaders, Site Managers and General Management professionals are responsible for day-to-day organisational effectiveness and utilisation of supply chains, resources, labour, products and services. General Management and Operational leadership focuses’ on implementing strategic decisions made by the Board and cascading information, strategy and policies down through the entire management structure.

Change is one of the few certainties in business and the pace of change has quickened within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. From technological to social, global to political, change is an ever-present challenge. Businesses operating within FMCG markets therefore need strong and experienced operational leadership and may benefit from an experienced Operations Manager or General Manager for an Interim period.

Within the FMCG sector, demand for Interim Managers is high, as many businesses are seeking to become more operationally efficient. With raw material costs continuing to spiral, there is increased demand for Interim Managers with Lean Manufacturing and Operational Improvement experience, as eliminating inefficiencies is seen as a way to improve margins, particularly for those businesses that supply the major supermarkets and are unable to pass on increased costs.

Within Operational and General Management roles, strategic planning and change management implementation is required, as is a detailed understanding of all facets of the business. Interim Managers operating within this sphere may be required to: devise and implement an operational plan aimed at transforming business operations, implement the required supply chain and infrastructure to enable a business to diversify its product portfolio and expand into new markets, change the operational course of a business by implementing a just-in-time approach to manufacturing to free cash otherwise be tied up in inventory. 

Our network of Interim Managers can be available at short notice to provide a flexible and professional service to Consumer-focused businesses. Typical roles we assist businesses with an Operational and General Management focus include:

  • Interim General Manager
  • Interim Site Director
  • Interim Chief Operating Officer
  • Interim Director of Services
  • Interim Site Manager
  • Interim Factory Manager
  • Interim Operations Director
  • Interim Operations Excellence Manager
  • Interim Procurement Director
  • Interim Procurement Manager
  • Interim Purchasing Director
  • Interim Head of Operations
  • Interim Head of Supply Chain
  • Interim Head of Planning


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