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Our Network

As a FMCG focused interim specialist we know our market segments very well and have an extensive network of potential high calibre interim professionals both in the UK and worldwide. We are very agile in searching and offer a personal service to quickly find suitable interim candidates.

Our internal network extends to over 7,000 interim managers. We also manage a very active LinkedIn Group that has a membership of over 12,000 interim managers.

We also utilise GatedTalent, the fastest growing Executive recruitment platform globally with 50,000 + members. GatedTalent is a GDPR compliant platform that provides up-to-date information about candidate availability for interim roles, their experience, detailed information on assignments completed, qualifications and skillset. The interim managers on GatedTalent update their own information as to their availability and discreetly connect to us, with their profile remaining confidential and visible only to a small number of selected providers.