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Professional expertise increasing amongst Interims

Interims and Contractors have more skills and education than ever before, according to a report from Page Group.

Interim professionals have many years of solid experience behind them, with 75 per cent having a bachelor's degree or higher under their belt, the Page Group’s latest Global Temporary and Interim Management study showed.

The study - which polled 1,954 company managers that looked to take on temporary professionals, as well as 4,092 interim and contracting professionals across 65 countries - found that the average interim/contractor was more senior and held more specialist skills than ever before. Indeed, 70 per cent of such workers were found to have 10 or more years of experience.

The study would suggest that the interim market is evolving and employers now have higher expectations and interim assignments are becoming more complex, diverse and challenging.

For the experienced interim manager, this may indicate it is the right time to brush up on courses and qualifications that are relevant to their specialism, to back up their experience and track record of successfully delivering for clients.  

Friday Jun 28, 2019