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Why recruit an Interim Manager?

There are various benefits to recruiting an Interim Manager:

  • Interim Manager recruitment costs and interim pay is spread equally throughout the assignment, with no upfront expense
  • Interim Managers are generally Immediately available to commence a role
  • Interim Managers have successfully delivered several assignments so have a track-record and are entirely focused on completing the task at hand
  • Interim Managers Charge only for the days they work
  • Interim managers are realistically overqualified, which makes them extremely confident they will deliver and the Client confident that the assignment will be brought to a successful conclusion
  • Interim Managers hit the ground running, they know what it takes and don’t need a learning curve
  • Interim Managers use their experience to bring order and stability
  • Interim Managers empower and develop the staff they work with as a bi-product of being on site and this legacy stays with the business long after they have gone
  • Interim Managers operate in a fluid and flexible way and are very much hands-on practitioners
  • Interim Managers take responsibility and ownership for the assignment they are appointed to deliver and will act for you for the entirety of the assignment
  • Interim Managers cut through any politics and focus on getting the job done
  • Interim Managers will only requirement payment until the day they deliver the assignment and don’t expect exit payments or bonuses
  • Interim Managers are covered with their own Professional Indemnity Insurance policy
  • Interim Managers work through their own Limited companies, this makes for a clean entry and exit in and out of a Clients business with all costs agreed at the outset.

Interim Managers are not employees so the Client will not incur the following expenses associated with employees:

  • Income Tax & National Insurance
  • Private Healthcare
  • Company Cars or Car Allowances
  • Sick Pay/Holiday Pay/Paid Leave
  • Training costs
  • Termination or Exit fees


12% Recruitment Fee (Many competitors charge double or more!)

We are totally transparent with our fees – That’s why we publish them on our website

Contingent service. There are no up-front costs to pay, and if you do recruit one of our interim managers the fee we charge is out spread across the entire duration of the assignment.